Frenchies Kitchen Dog Food

frenchies kitchen dog food


Musik has been eating a new dog food lately – Frenchies Kitchen.  It’s one that I served to Kompis for the last few years of her life.  Kompis loved it, and it made her go from being 9 years old and acting like 16 to acting like she was 3 years old!  Her energy went up, she wanted to play more, and she could hike forever.


If you have not seen my previous article on healthy dog food and treats, and why kibble (alone) is not a sustainable food for dogs, check it out here:


Even if you’d like to use kibble as a base, you can always add in fresh food to augment their diet.


frenchies kitchen dog food

Musik waits patiently (but eagerly) for her Frenchies Kitchen Chicken Dinner


One of the reasons I switched to Frenchies Kitchen dog food is because they are one of the only true USDA human-grade foods out there.  With all the horrible ingredients allowed in dog food today, they are taking a stance to go way above and beyond what is required by law and do the right thing for our dogs’ health.


Frenchie’s Kitchen is the pioneer of the “Gently Cooked” category of pet food.  This category of pet food did not exist when they started their company in 2007.  They are the only pet food that is based on Whole Food Nutrition for dogs…this means that all of the vitamins and minerals come from REAL food instead of synthetic vitamins. Most synthetic vitamin packs come from China and they are not well regulated.  In addition, their products are Made in USA & Sourced in USA with many of their veggies coming from California.  Frenchies products are made in a USDA Inspected Human Food Facility – this is a very important fact, although most consumers do not understand how critical this is. (Watch the “Pet Fooled” documentary mentioned in my other article to get more info on this).


I also had to try another food, since Musik was occasionally throwing up after eating her previous freshly made dog food. She has been doing much better on Frenchies Kitchen dog food.


The only reason I even tried another brand after Kompis was for the convenience of home delivery, which Frenchies Kitchen did not offer a couple years ago.  But, when I found out they also deliver right to your door, I was sold!


Lastly, the food comes in resealable containers.  That might not seem like a big deal but, after struggling to squeeze food out of plastic bags, and trying to figure out a way to keep the mess fresh while refrigerated, I really appreciate this convenience as well!


Frenchies Kitchen dog food comes in 3 varieties – chicken, turkey & beef.  And they also offer “Tasty Toppers” which you can use to add to your dog’s kibble for more incentive to eat along with adding better, healthier, fresh ingredients.


And, Frenchies Kitchen Dog Food is offering The Pooch Coach (and Musik) fans a great deal!


You can try Frenchies Kitchen for 50% off and free shipping! 

Just use code FIDO50 when you check out. 


Click here to visit their website and place your order.





I hope your dog enjoys Frenchies Kitchen Dog Food as much as Musik does!