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Boogie is an escape artist. He has separation anxiety and has gotten out of his crate several times in his panicked state. He needs help learning to be left alone and so the typical separation anxiety training will ensue.


I also like making sure the dog loves his crate. You want to ensure that the panic isn’t being caused by being locked up in a scary place. Having your dog sleep in his crate is one good way to help him learn it’s his safe place.


Here are tips I give my clients for getting a dog used to his crate:
-Use treats & toys to lure him into the crate or bed.
-Once in say: “Good dog! Get in your bed” or “Get in your crate”!
-Continue to use the command “get in your bed” as you lure him in and reward him.
-Slowly build up time in crate/bed and closing & opening the door.
-You can also tie a favorite bone to the back of crate so that the only way he can chew it is to stay inside.
-Some people recommend feeding in the crate as well, which is OK, but I’m not a big fan of that.
-Never let him out if he’s whining or barking. He must learn that only silence/calm gets him out of his crate.
-Always reward him getting in with treats before closing the door before actually leaving him in there (for bed or going out).
-Be patient.  In time, he will learn to like and even love his crate and know it’s his special safe, quiet place.


All in all, the crate should be a peaceful place where he knows he can go to get away from too much noise or hecticness around him. I especially recommend having a crate for houses with small children or lots of parties!

Get in your crate

Kompis relaxing in her portable crate

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Here is a video that shows how to train your to get in their bed – or settle them anywhere you’d like!