getting dog over fear of objects

Casey’s afraid of vibrating phones!

Casey is a timid pup. He is actually afraid of his dad and human brother! But we’re going to work on that and get him to love all of his new family members.

I always like to find out other fears – especially of inanimate objects – so we can use that to help build the dog’s confidence. If your dog is fearful of things in his own home, how can he learn to relax? There really IS a monster in the closet (vacuum! broom!).

Casey is actually afraid of his mom’s phone when it vibrates, so that’s an exercise we started out working on right away.

Here are the simple steps I gave Casey’s mom to help him get over this silly fear:

– Put his leash on him (in your bed – where this happens most).

– Have your phone vibrate and do not allow him to jump off the bed.  Instead, offer him a great cookie.

– Keep repeating this until he is no longer afraid, but you have turned the buzzer from a scary stimulus to a great on that means a reward is coming.

– Once he does not want to leave the bed and looks to you for a treat instead, your work is done.  You can still practice occasionally to keep him in shape and always say “good dog” when he holds tight and doesn’t run away.

– Once he’s good at sit, it’s best to introduce a sit for the treat instead of just giving it to him, so he can focus on the job at hand instead of the fear.


And here is some more help for overcoming fears of other objects, with step by step instructions and a video:

getting dogs over fear of objects

Vacuums can be your friend!