Halloween dog tipsHalloween is coming! Is your pup ready?


Let’s start out with some high level tips. I’ll have a doorbell ringing exercise for you in a few days.


This article talks about some good things to do, especially when it comes to costumes and pets. http://tinyurl.com/nd9co8g


However, I disagree with them saying to keep your dog away from people in scary costumes or locked away when trick or treaters arrive. That just intensifies & reinforces their fear! Instead, I say that this is a great time to practice greeting & doorbell skills. As long as you’ve done some practicing ahead of time, then let your dog meet & greet guests… He should be part of the family fun too!


If you think he might be a little nervous, just have some of his favorite treats ready and follow these tips:


1. Give your pup an extra long walk or run that day so he’s tired out.
2. Skip dinner until after all the trick or treaters or party guests have arrived.
3. Have everyone who comes in ask your dog to sit for his favorite treat.


If your dog is relaxed enough from his exercise and hungry enough, he should be able to get over even a fairly strong fear – especially if you’re right by his side to “protect” him. He’ll soon learn to love having strangely dressed people at his door!


Note: If there’s *any* chance he’ll try to bolt, then have a leash on him as well. This will help settle him as well as ensure he doesn’t try to run away.


Look for more Halloween tips soon!