Are you ready for Halloween?


Here are the doorbell reaction tips I promised in our first Halloween tips post.

Halloween dogs & doorbells tips

Hanging in the pumpkin bin!

Does your dog go crazy at the sound of the doorbell? If you’re worried about your dog barking too much at the trick-or-treaters, here are some tips:


  • Between now & Halloween, practice answering the door with your dog on leash. That will disable his running around and jumping, and allow you to demonstrate to him how you would you LIKE for him to go to the door.
  • Have him sit to be petted for all guests and family members. Then, he knows what his job/role is when greeting people.
  • Have family members ring the doorbell when they come home and practice answering. If you do this multiple times a day, the doorbell gets less and less exciting, and you get to practice proper greeting until Fido has it down perfectly and is ready for the October 31st onslaught!
  • Still keep him on a leash on the big day just to be safe.  He might get more excited or scared with all the kids and costumes around.


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halloween dogs & doorbells tips

Those are some BIG pumpkins!