Healing from InjuriesGhost is a 2 year old Siberian Husky who was just rescued from The Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue Referral. She was wandering the streets and got hit by a car. (Seems to be a theme this week… See yesterday’s post on how to keep your dog safe from the streets).


Someone found her and brought her to the vet, where they fixed her up and she was put up for adoption. Her new parents have been rehabbing her and are looking for some training help, since she’s also a little shy.


It’s important to keep dogs’ minds busy while they are healing from injuries and surgery. Even if they can’t run around and play, you can still work on commands and play low energy games, such as find the toy or cookie. This will keep them occupied and out of trouble. Tiring them out mentally is even more important than usual during these times, so take this time to teach your pup your some new tricks and games!
Check back with us tomorrow to learn a fun game to play with your dog that also helps teach & reinforce recall. — at SF Dog Connect by The Pooch Coach Dog Training.