Healthy Dog Food and Treats

I am sold on using only healthy dog food and treats for my dogs. I am done feeding my dogs kibble except as an occasional snack. After having one dog die of liver cancer at 8 years old, and another dog spend her life in & out of vets’ offices and pet hospitals with unknown stomach disorders, I’ve decided to take food much more seriously. In fact, when I switched my last mini schnauzer from kibble (when she was almost dying & refusing to eat) to Frenchie’s Kitchen human grade cooked food, she went from being a slow old lady to acting like a puppy again at 9 years old.  (Want to try Frenchie’s Kitchen?  Use code FIDO50 to get 50% off your first order and free shipping).  I also worked with a holistic vet and added supplements to her food.


how you should feed your dog

12 year-old Kompis eating her meal on an elevated platform to help her when she was older.

I’ve read so many horror stories about treats and food causing sickness and death in dogs.  I’ve also read dozens of stories of how people started to cook for their dogs* who had been diagnosed by their vets to die within a few weeks or months, but then go on to live several more years on a healthier diet.  Because of this, many of the people who saved their own dogs’ lives decided to help others and started their own healthy treat or food companies, and I always support them.


Since I’m not a researcher or nutritionist, I’ll leave you to do your own research, but I do strongly advise you to do some reading.  It’s definitely worth spending a little time understanding healthy dog food and treats, since switching your dog’s diet can save you dozens of trips to the vet with a sick, suffering animal, as well as give you several more years with your dog.  How can you NOT look into this?


Here is some quick advice on healthy dog food and treats, and my choice for food:


Dog Treats


Here is a simple, clear example of how to pick treats: Look at the ingredients.  They should list the meat (or veggie) and that is all.  When there is a long list, or extraneous ingredients, don’t buy them. Quick tip:  Don’t buy treats (or food) in your drugstore or grocery chain. 


I saw these 2 treats in Walgreens that both claim to be highly healthy nutritional:

healthy dog food and treats

These treats are “human grade”, but look at the ingredients:

healthy dog food and treats

Molasses?  Vinegar?  That is simply to get your dog hooked, but dogs do not need sugar in their diet!

Even worse, look at these:

healthy dog food and treats

These treats say 100% “real” and all natural.  But look at their ingredients:

healthy dog food and treats
Wheat flour? Wheat Gluten? Soy protein? Sugar? Propylene Glycol? Caramel color? Sodium Nitrate? Potato Starch? Salt? and on and on.  Horrible!!!


(Note that almost all chicken jerky was recalled due to contamination, this brand being one of them).

One of my favorite healthy dog treats are Jiminy’s cricket treats.  Yep, crickets!  This up and coming superfood is sustainable, healthy, and packed with protein.  They now have cricket dog food as well!  Musik & all the dogs I’ve shared the food and treats with LOVE them!  You can try them at 15% off & free shipping off with the code “PoochCoach”.


Musik loves crickets!


My other favorite healthy dog treats come from Wiley’s Treats by Ecopawz.  They offer high protein, limited ingredient, human-grade meat treats for dogs.  You can try them at 15% off with the code “PoochCoach”.


wiley's treats by ecopawz

Musik likes ALL the varieties of Wiley’s Treats!

Just get simple, plain treats with few ingredients.  Not junk food!

Dog Food


Below are the resources I suggest you use to better understand your dog’s food.


  • For years, I have been telling my clients to use the Dog Food Advisor, an unbiased rating site of hundreds of brands, to see how their food stacks up.


  • Here is great video which covers amazing statistics and facts from various studies, such as dogs’ lifespan was nearly DOUBLED by using fresh food instead of processed kibble! And, 10% of cancer is genetic, 90% are the results of lifestyle and environmental factors, especially diet.


  • I recently learned of this study: Dog Food Review, which I mostly agree with (I have seen several dogs get sick on Stella & Chewy’s, including my own, and they have been recalled in the past as well, so I don’t support that particular choice).


  • A new documentary is out which has caused many people I know to switch foods and even to go to raw feeding: Pet Fooled“.  Did you know that Mars & Nestle own about 75% of the pet food market?  And that they supply “nutritional” info for vet schools?  It’s ALL run by big business looking to increase profit margins, not keep our pets healthy.


  • Referenced in that documentary is a great website: Truth About Pet Food. Here you can learn more about the horrifying lack of regulation in the pet food industry, recalls, and much more.



I hope these references will help you make better choices for healthy dog food and treats for your pup.


Healthy Dog Food and Treats

Musik enjoying her healthy food.

The dog foods I use:


My last puppy, Laff, who died in a botched heart surgery (more on that when the battles are over), chose her own favorite foods.  I weaned her off of the kibble she was on as soon as I could, moving to freeze dried raw (Small Batch was my choice, as recommended by a trusted pet store owner.  Laff loved it).  I still use that to supplement my new puppy, Musik’s, diet as well when we’re traveling, since carrying refrigerated food everywhere you go is not easy or even safe sometimes.


I tried some of Kompis‘ old frozen food on Laff, who was less than thrilled.   Then, The Farmer’s Dog contacted me and asked me to try out their food, which is the same human grade, cooked meat & veggies style that I prefer to use.  (This company is one of the types I mentioned above that got its start by a pet owner trying to help their own dog.) Laff LOVED it.  I ran it by my holistic vet, and she asked a few clarifying questions, and then gave it a thumb’s up.  So, I offered it to Musik as well, and she’s head over heels for this food.  She’s been pretty healthy for a puppy so far as well.  Only a couple vomiting episodes and all pretty healthy stools…  and lots and lots of energy!


This company creates food packages specifically made for your dog.  The ingredients and proportions are based on the information you give them about your pup.  The other thing I love about The Farmer’s Dog food is that it gets delivered to your house as needed in a freezer pack.  You don’t have to run to the store with your own freezer pack in tow (like I did for Kompis’ previous food).   It was hard planning a trip across town only to grab her food, and then have to rush home to get it into the freezer.


So, The Farmer’s Dog was the food I went with for my new pup until she was 10 months old, and I’m happy to offer my fans a 50% discount off of their first order if you’d like to try it as well!


Click below to get 50% off your first order of The Farmer’s Dog

healthy dog food and treats the farmers dog

healthy dog food and treats the farmers dog

We hope your dog likes this food as much as Musik does!



*Please do not attempt to cook for your dog without working with your vet and a canine nutritionist.  You will need to add supplements in order to ensure your dog gets all the vitamins & minerals they need in their diet.