History of Dalmatians as Fire Dogs

History of Dalmatians as Fire DogsWHY ARE DALMATIANS FIRE DOGS?


What role does breed play in your dog’s behavior and skill set? Here are some things for you to learn, and then teach your dog during the shelter-in-place.


Breeds only matter for genetic issues and skill set. Behavior problems and intelligence are individual characteristics, which or may not be exacerbated by breed traits.


For instance, if your dog’s breed was bred to retrieve then, on the whole your dog has a better chance at fetching something than, say a dachshund, bred to dig & tunnel – or a Havanese meant to perform circus tricks. But, all breeds *can* learn to fetch. It just might be harder for them – or less enjoyable.


YOUR CHALLENGE: As another shelter-in-place game, I challenge you to research the breed(s) of your dog to understand their history. Then, once you discover what skill sets your dog should have, invent some games to play around the house to bring out those skills.


(Previous posts have included hide & seek games for teaching nose work, so check them out if you missed them.)

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