How to Find a Place to Live with a DogIt’s often hard for people to find places to live that allow dogs.


Here are some tips that have helped some of my friends and clients with pets over the years:


1. Create a resume for yourself & your dog. Talk about how your dog is housetrained, been to XYZ obedience class, etc. Add anything you can say about how friendly & well mannered he is. Also list references of previous landlords or other people who can vouch for your dog and you. Also listing that you never missed paying rent, have had a steady job for the last X years, &/or have a great credit rating, etc. are all things that will help as well.


2. Get your dog an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. If your dog has passed this 10 part test, he’s definitely friendly & safe and should be welcome anywhere. Some landlords who allow dogs require them to pass this test. Either way, it will help to have this to prove your commitment to having a safe pet. Here’s more info on this test, for which The Pooch Coach is a certified evaluator.


I have helped dozens of people with cats & dogs get apartments that said “no pets’ allowed” because these things helped them stand out, look more committed and serious about getting a place, and be remembered over all the other applicants.


Feel free to share this info to your friends who might need some help finding a place. Good luck!!