Critical things to do every day to ensure they are healthy and have no aches or pains or foxtails, etc.


how to pet your dog

Important tasks to ensure your dog’s well-being.

How to Pet Your Dog.
Another SIP Dog Challenge!


You should get into the habit of examining your dog every day. If you don’t check some ciritcal things each day, you might let injuries go unnoticed for too long… which then might require surgery – or be too late to fix. 😞


But if you keep up this little daily routine like Musik Ulbrich and I do, your dog feels better, you feel better, and you increase the odds of the them living a long, healthy life.


Watch this 2.5 min video to understand more.



More on the importance of your dog allowing petting everywhere – from anyone:


You can look up canine massage in your area to see if there is anyone who can come help you with your dog as well.


Happy cuddles!