How to stop a dog from bothering your dog


Poor Musik! Some dogs are not polite!




We’ve all had times at the dog park when another dog is just too nosey and starts annoying our dog. Usually, the other dog owner is oblivious to their dog’s behavior, so you’re left trying to get your dog away to no avail. The other dog just keeps following and sniffing, jumping or otherwise trying to engage your uninterested or possibly scared pup.  And most people do not know how to stop a dog from bothering your dog.


Or, we’re out walking, when an over-exuberant off-leash dog starts charging right at us.  We’re not even sure if the dog is friendly or not – and we don’t want to wait to find out!


First, make sure you know what acceptable greetings look like!   Check out this page with pics to demonstrate. Click here to see polite dog greetings.


Then check out the 30-second video below to learn a SIMPLE technique to use for over-zealous dogs. I even use it for slightly aggressive dogs, but I don’t recommend that for non-professionals. Just ask the other dog’s owner to leash up or pull away their dog if you feel you’re in danger!


Just remember to stay calm and strong. If you move suddenly or are nervous, you’ll make the other dog nervous too! This is all about calm assertive energy.



Now you know how to stop a dog from bothering your dog.

Happy interrupting!!