We think so! And so is socialization.


Enzo is a 3-year-old, one-eyed Lagotto Romagnolo. Ever since he lost his right eye, he has trouble reacting to people and dogs coming up to him from that side. His humans reached out to The Pooch Coach to help ease his anxiety.


We are working on re-socializing him to new people and also getting him used to things “sneaking up” on him.


The issue many people are having now is how to get their dog exposed to other dogs and people during this time of social distancing. I’ve even had people call to ask if they should even get a puppy now, seeing as socialization will be a big challenge.


And it’s an important consideration. If you have a dog – or especially if you’re getting a new dog or puppy – please make sure and get out when you can. At parks, if both dogs are on a 6 foot leash, then take advantage of this and allow the dogs to sniff each other. And, you can even ask the other person to have your dog sit for a treat from 6 feet away from you as well.


This is a great way to keep our dogs social. I fear without this practice, our dogs will start to get suspicious as to why we’re avoiding each other, and we’ll see many more cases of fear aggression popping up when this virus horror is over.


So, please do what you can to keep your dog socialized as well as physically and mentally exercised during this time.


If you need help, WE ARE OPEN!


We can still do phone & video consults as well as occasional park meetings if the lesson warrants it.


Just click below and book an appointment, and let’s take care of things now while you have the time!