can i follow you


A common issue with newly adopted dogs is that their insecurity and unsureness about their new role cause them to create a “job” of following their new parent(s) around the house. It is OK for a puppy or new dog to check in with you and follow you a bit at first but, once it becomes obsessive, you need to train them to stop.  In other words, it is NOT OK for a dog to always follow you.


After all, they should not be nervous about you leaving the room any more than your 4 or 5-year-old child would. Sure, if you’re gone for 15 mins, go see what’s up! But you should be able to get a drink or go to the bathroom without an escort.


Allow your dog to relax, learn to trust, and know you’re coming back!


Here’s how:


Instead of allowing your dog to follow you around the house, take this “job” away from her and replace it with more constructive jobs! Do these things to help:
1. Shut doors to bathroom, bedroom, etc and make her wait outside
2. Don’t give her attention when she does follow you (ignore her)
3. Leave her (on-leash if needed) with a friend or family member when you go to the bathroom or kitchen for a few mins, etc. If you’re alone, tie her with her leash to the furniture.
4. Once she knows “stay” and has been tied successfully, use the stay command to keep her in position as you go out of sight for brief periods.


Your dog will soon understand that they needn’t be your shadow and they can relax and continue to play or rest when you’re walking around.


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