Hello! Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2015 We hope you enjoy it.

Some easy New Year’s Resolutions for you and your pup.

Here are some ideas for a happier and healthier 2015

Add 10 minutes/day to your walks.

You’ll both get in better shape, and your dog will be a little happier, calmer and healthier.


Make training a part of your every day routine.

Does your dog want his ball thrown? Ask him to sit first.
About to give her a bone? Ask her for a down or shake first.
Feeding time? Have him sit and stay for his food.

Incorporating these types of little routines throughout the day will exercise your dog’s mind and allow him to feel like he’s working and earning his keep, which makes him feel much more confident and happy.


Do you always take the same path when walking your dog? Or walk in the same park or neighborhood?

Try switching it up in 2015. New neighborhoods & parks mean new smells, new exposures and new fun! The more your dog sees and learns, the more socialized and happy he’ll be. It will even tire your pooch out a bit more because of the extra excitement and, as I’m sure you know, a tired dog is a good dog. Plus, it’s fun to go exploring together!


Teach your dog something new.

It’s never too late to learn a new trick or improve manners. Work on some new tasks this year and keep your dog improving, learning and growing… Just like us humans should do!


Get rid of any unwanted or dangerous behaviors.

Don’t risk your dog getting hurt or hurting someone else. If you need help, The Pooch Coach is just a phone call away!

Have you been to an SFDC Meetup yet? People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Saturday, January 24th @ 12 noon.

The theme for January’s Meetup is Dog Massage!

Shelah, owner of Happy Hounds Massage

We have a special guest for this Meetup: Shelah, owner of Happy Hounds Massage. She will give your dog a free evaluation to what type of dog massage would good for your pooch. Massages can help mobility, aid in recovery from injuries or surgery, relieve muscles after intense play or running, reduce stress from anxiety,and help with conditions like arthritis or sprains. So come out & learn what would help make your dog feel his or her best!

Meet Up Testimonials!

Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups – hear what they have to say!

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The Pooch Coach & Kompis on TV

Did you catch The Pooch Coach and her dog Kompis being featured on DOGTV’s Dogstar with actress Maggie Lawson last month? Maggie is the star of “Psych” and was featured on this season’s “Two and a Half Men”. She also helped found the Tiger Frances Rescue Foundation. Get some tips for how your dog can be a DOGTV star and see some cute pups.

Click here to see the video
(Beverly & Kompis come in at 1:57 and Kompis is featured from 5:37 until the end.)

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Hope to see you in 2015!! Have a grrrreat year!

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Beverly Ulbrich

The Pooch Coach, SF Bay Area Dog Training and Behavior Modification
Any Dog. Any Problem.

Beverly provides private and personalized empathic dog training and behavior problem solving. In addition to her private behavior training practice where she’s worked with over 3,000 dogs, Beverly also formally evaluates and temperament tests dogs for shelters and rescue groups as well as for dog-bite cases and hearings.

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