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Welcome to our July Newsletter.  Our theme is getting over shyness and fear.

Dogs & Fireworks (loud noises)
Are you worried that your dog will be afraid of fireworks? Here are some tips for dealing with the 4th of July – or any other “scary” noises.


1. A tired dog is a happy dog. Exercise always helps your dog to behave better by tiring him out. Do extra walks and runs during stressful times to help relax your dog and make him less likely to react to loud noises or anything he is fearful of.


2. Lead by example: Make sure *you’re* calm during the loud and sudden sounds! Sometimes, we project fear by expecting it to be there. It’s like when a child falls down and their parent reacts by saying, “Oh my gosh, Johnny!! Are you OK? I bet you’re hurt badly!!” The kid sees their parent’s reaction and starts crying. Instead if you just say, “You’re fine, Johnny. Let’s get you up and take a look. Yep! You’re fine. Let’s go get some ice cream!!”  Don’t feed into your dog’s reaction. Show him it’s silly to be scared.


3. Redirect: Play and/or run through commands with your dog when the sounds go off. You could even put on some loud music if needed to help drown out the noise. Just make sure you keep him occupied rather than allowing him to run and hide or shake.


4. Desensitize: You can download firework noises (or sirens or any other sound your dog is afraid of) and play them for your dog on low volume and build his tolerance slowly. All the steps above are still important to keep in mind while doing these practice runs.


5. First timers: If you have a puppy that hasn’t heard fireworks yet, make sure and teach him that they are FUN!! Celebrate with him instead of looking for any scared reaction. I’ve trained my dogs to run outside with me when we hear fireworks – because they know it’s exciting & fun!!
If your dog is really nervous and you feel you could use some expert help, The Pooch Coach is just a phone call away!


Happy 4th of July!!!
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Is your dog sometimes afraid to be petted by strangers?


It’s important that your dog feels comfortable around all kinds of people.   He should easily allow anyone YOU say is OK to pet him.  Hand shyness when younger almost always turns into aggression when older.  Your dog should be confident , happy and safe in all the circumstances you introduce him to.

This video demonstrates how to teach your dog to allow a person to pet him… slowly and safely.  Watch this 4 min video  to see how The Pooch Coach teaches a dog to go from jumping away in fear to freely allow being petted – in just over an hour!


Click here to see this amazing transformation
and understand how you can help your dog be more safe & confident.

Next Meetup in August


The Pooch Coach has been asked once again to be “Ask The Trainer”
at Best Friend’s Annual Strut Your Mutt!
August 23, 9:00AM – 3:00 PM Treasure Island, SF


What Is Strut Your Mutt?


Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt may just be the most fun you can have helping to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats in your neighborhood – and around the country. The annual fundraising dog walk, fun run, and festival culminates in a day of fun for four- and two-legged participants of all ages.


Participate on your own – or as part of a team! – to raise funds for a shelter or rescue organization in your area.  Don’t miss the chance to have a ball … and make a difference for homeless pets near you!
Hope to see you there!


Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups –
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The Pooch Coach is now offering online booking!!


We are in Beta with PocketSuite to give our clients another way to connect with us.
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July 2014 News & Tips
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July 2014 News & Tips
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