Keep your dog safe and trained during COVID-19



Keep your dog safe and trained during COVID-19

Keep your dog safe and trained during COVID-19


People have asked me if this is a good time to adopt a puppy or dog. Yes & No.  There are challenges.


How to keep your dog safe and trained during COVID-19


I fear 2 major trends when we come out of social distancing:


1. STRANGER DANGER! Newly adopted puppies and dogs, and even dogs you’ve had for years, are experiencing strange behavior: Everyone avoids everyone else and walks around them. So, when this stops, and a person approaches your dog, they will not understand what’s happening and could easily react fearfully and/or aggressively.


So IT IS IMPERATIVE TO KEEP YOUR DOG SOCIALIZED with both other dogs and people.


This video demonstrates a SIMPLE SOLUTION:
Use your 6 foot leash to your advantage, and allow sniffing of dogs and pets by people at that distance. If you don’t want people/strangers touching your dog for fear of spreading the virus, then simply give the person a treat and ask them to have your dog sit for a yummy treat. If your dog is shy, then ALWAYS use a treat to ensure a positive outcome. Click below to view the 20 sec video.



Now your dog will think humans are wonderful instead of scary! They should have no problem with people approaching in the future.


Here is an article on the importance of socialization, with tips for different things to make sure to work on with your dog or puppy:


2. SEPARATION ANXIETY! When people finally go back to work, or out to eat, or to the movies, etc., your dog will be stressed and confused as to why you are no longer staying with them 24X7. So there will be many cases of separation anxiety if we don’t work on it NOW. So, leave your dog alone sometimes to teach them, or to stay in shape, so the transition will not be as stressful – for them OR you!

Here are some tips on avoiding separation anxiety:



If you’re worried, or your dog does poorly with these exercises, feel free to contact The Pooch Coach. We are OPEN and conducting initial consults via phone (or video chat), and occasionally meeting clients at the park.

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