KRON4 Local Hero!

One of our favorite fans let us know that we were on the TV news a couple days ago! Here’s the clip.


We have been posting pics of local businesses and purchasing gift certificates to give away to neighbors in need. We have already given away 2 dog store gift certs, and 2 retaurant gift certs, and donated to another animal biz in need. We still have one $25 gift certificate from NOVY Restaurant, in case you or some you know could use some great food (just email


We have loved helping our community while we shelter in place and try to keep our biz going with phone & video consults.


If everyone tries to help others duiring this time, we’ll have a mush less difficult time getting through this.


Thanks Omar Pérez KRON4 for featuring us! And, thanks Anne Harris for letting us know you saw us!


If you missed the online story with more details, here it is:


Stay Healthy, Everyone!
-Beverly & Musik Ulbrich