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Hello!  Welcome to our March Newsletter.  We hope you enjoy it.


Have you been to an SFDC Meetup yet? People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Saturday, April 16th @ 12 noon – 2 PM
at Christopher Playground in SF.


Free demos, advice & treats from The Pooch Coach!


Come out with your dog for some socialization and some fun.  Learn a new trick or 2.   Have a question about your dog’s behavior?  The Pooch Coach will be offering free 1-1 advice to attendees.   It’s a great way to practice your dog’s greeting skills with other dogs as well as with humans… All overseen by an expert canine behaviorist.


Free Professional photos by Soulful Pet Photography!


Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups – hear what they have to say!
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Special extra Meetup  

Wed, May 4th at 7PM @ Babies ‘R Us in Daly City, CA


Babies ‘R Us has teamed with The Pooch Coach to give a talk on how to safely introduce your dog and your baby. Whether you have a new baby on the way, or are getting a new dog and already have a small child, this is sure to be helpful information for you.  Click for more info on Facebook or


MarchTraining Tips

More on getting your dog to settle.


People loved the “get in your bed” video from last month, so let’s continue with some more advice on getting your dog to settle.  Here are 2 tips for March.


Tip 1.  “No beg”.  Many dogs beg for food or attention and we inadvertently end up rewarding the behavior by paying attention to them — and then wondering why they don’t stop!  Read our recent blog post on how to teach your dog to go lie down or stay out of the room while you’re busy working or eating.


Tip 2.  Next is teaching your dog to lie down and relax anywhere you go. Whether you’re at a friend’s house, an outdoor patio trying to enjoy your lunch, or at one of the many dog friendly bars, your dog should be able to chill out with you. Here is an easy exercise to practice.  Most dogs learn this very quickly if you follow the steps exactly and are patient and consistent. 


1. Have your dog on his leash and wrap it around your foot closely enough to his collar that he can stand up, but not pace.


Even if you have a large, strong dog, you get a lot of leverage by using both your leg strength and your arm strength to assure he cannot pull.  The key is that your dog isn’t getting to pace or pull you so that he can sniff 6 inches more over there, or walk 2 feet over here.  By taking away his ability to pace, his mind will start to settle down.  It also insures he can’t step out onto the sidewalk and trip a passerby!


2. Ignore your dog until he lies down.


This is key!!  If you give him attention while he paces, or every time he stands up, you’re rewarding the very behavior we do not want.  You only want to reward him when he’s calm. Even looking at your dog reinforces his anxiety or impatience.  You have to make sure your energy is elsewhere when he is acting out.


Note: Whining is a bad as pacing or standing.  Make sure you’re not rewarding that either!


3. You can give him a quick pet if he sits, and then give him some good loving when he lies down. Once he’s calmly lying down, continue to pet him occasionally to reinforce that you like this behavior.


Note: Saying “good dog” is also helpful, but don’t say it excitedly, or it will cause him to pop up again.


4. If he stands up at any time, just turn your head away and ignore him until he settles again.


5. If you keep practicing this at home as well as when out in new places, he will soon learn that his “job” is just to lie down and go to sleep.


A behaviorist’s guideline is that a well exercised and calm dog should fall asleep within 5 minutes with this exercise.


Click here to view a video of a nervous dog relaxing using this Pooch Coach methodology.


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