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SFDC Meetups are fun! Come out and practice your dog handling & communication skills and meet other past & present members of the Pooch Coach Pack. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Saturday, March 23rd @ 12 noon – 1:45 PM
at Christopher Playground in SF.
Free demos, advice & treats from The Pooch Coach!


Learn a new trick or 2. Have a question about your dog’s behavior?  The Pooch Coach will be offering free 1-1 advice to attendees.   It’s a great way to practice your dog’s greeting skills with other dogs as well as with humans… All overseen by an expert canine behaviorist.


Agenda for the Meetup: 
Please be on time so you do not miss the exercises!


12:00 – 12:20 Polite dog greetings. – POOCH COACH CLIENTS ONLY
We will continue the exercises of walking our dogs by other dogs to practice calmness & not reacting.


12:20 – 12:45 One-on-one coaching for Pooch Coach Clients.  – POOCH COACH CLIENTS ONLY


12:45 – 1:45 OPEN TO EVERYONE – Bring your training questions.  And, special guest Shelah Barr from Happy Hounds Massage & Fitness will be here to talk to us about the importance of canine fitness training and do some demos with our dogs.


Happy Hounds uses state of the art equipment to help dogs with strengthening, balance, and more.


Here’s a video showing an exercise from a previous Meetup…
Check it out to see the kinds of fun & helpful things we do.Click on picture above, or to see video.


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March / April Tips

Here are our most popular recent articles.


1. How to get your dog to settle down and relax… anywhere!

How to get your dog to settle down anywhere

Most dogs tend to pace and pull on their leashes when you try to sit for a while. Many even whine and “complain”. But, with these simple steps, you can teach your dog to easily relax anywhere you go. Tap into your animal’s already calm center with this exercise.


Check out our article “Settle the Dog Down”:

2. Are we over-medicating our dogs?


These are just some of the meds I was given for my dog when she got out of the hospital!


Many dogs are coming to me these days already on prescription medications from their vets. They prescribe Prozac, Xanax, and other human as well as animal meds. And they prescribe them with no plan for behavior modification! This is NOT GOOD. Please do not ever just put your dog on meds for a behavior issue without working with a behaviorist who not only also recommends the medication, but also who can help you rehabilitate your dog to get over their issues so that they no longer need any medication!


Learn more about dogs & drugs here:

3. Many people believe that you cannot control a dog’s prey drive. Most people have to put their dogs on leash around birds, cats, farm animals, etc. to ensure everyone’s safety. But, is it absolutely necessary?



Dogs can be trained to control themselves around *anything*… with enough work! Learn more in this article and see some examples of both of my dogs’ self-control and ability to listen.


Click below to learn more about controlling prey drive in your pup:

March / April News

The Pooch Coach on NPR


Beverly was recently interviewed by our local NPR (Nation Public Radio) radio station, KALW .


Host Marty Nemko wanted to hear from the SF Bay Area’s most renowned and experienced canine behaviorist what it was like to become and work as a dog trainer.


We covered some canine training tips, answered some listener’s questions, and Beverly explained why shock collars are so detrimental to dogs and their people.


Click below to listen to the full interview :

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