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What every dog owner needs to know about skunk attacks.

Be prepared! You don’t want to be running out at midnight trying to buy ingredients for bathing your dog. And your house will be ruined if you don’t do something right away.


I learned the hard way over the years. Now I’m ready when the unexpected happens….


My dog had a skunk sneak up on her in the yard a few nights ago and spray her in the face. It was awful. The smell, the gasping for air, the gagging…. and the panic by both her and me. Luckily, I had everything I needed for washing her in the house, but as I searched the web for exact information, I found too much info! Everything had pages & pages of text. I had no time to read all of that! Then, my friends started posting on my Facebook page: “use tomato juice”, “use milk”, “it’ll just go away”. It made me realize there are many misconceptions out there. So I decided to write a quick, handy list of what to buy and what to do so everyone can be prepared and have the correct info on hand when a skunk does the nasty to your best buddy.


Click here to learn how to be prepared and what to do if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk.


Not convinced you need to read this yet? Here are just a few misconceptions:


Not convinced you need to read this yet? Here are just a few misconceptions:

Tomato juice works. Nope. It only masks the smell and makes your dog orange.
The smell goes away in a few days. Nope. It can take years! And, you will think the smell is gone when it isn’t, so you’ll need the help of friends to tell you what to wash. Read about olfactory fatigue.
There aren’t many skunks in the Bay Area. Wrong. We have an overpopulation of skunks. They live under houses and in crawl spaces and breed in our backyards. There are dozens of successful skunk removal companies.

So, be prepared. Save your dog and your home!!

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