Juno is still a puppy and is recovering from major front paw surgery. It’s hard to keep her occupied and off her feet!


The importance of training really comes into play when your dog is recovering. Being able to make sure they do not jump up or off of things and keeping them from running in the yard can be very hard if your dog doesn’t know commands.


But if you teach your dog sit, stay, down, etc., it gives them something to do and keeps them from hurting themselves.


It’s important to keep dogs’ minds busy while they are healing from injuries and surgery. Even if they can’t run around and play, you can still work on commands and play low energy games, such as find the toy or cookie. This will keep them occupied and out of trouble.


Tiring them out mentally is even more important than usual during these times, so take this time to teach your pup your some new tricks and games while they are recuperating.


Need some ideas? Check out “Continuing Education for Your Dog” on this page.

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