I’m currently working on training Mango to be a dog for a western film, Ghost in the Gun. Kompis is her understudy (since Schnauzers weren’t very common in the old west!).  The dogs need to be able to speak on command, trot after a young actor and then stop in place, and then play dead.

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Mango & Kompis pose with SF skyline

Mango’s mom has been doing a great job working with her to get her solid on these stunts.  Here’s how today’s 2nd round of work went.


Mango worked on play dead in the house:

trained dogs for film - play dead

Mango plays dead


Kompis assisted:


trained dogs for film - play dead

Kompis & Mango both play dead


We also worked outside.  First on standing speak, which Mango nailed!




Then, we tried having Mango stay, trot and then stop suddenly and hold.  This is for when she needs to follow a child actor into a barn and then stop with her.




Lastly, I attempted a play dead outside to really proof her ability to do this on a barn floor with hay.




Then we went back inside for some more work.  A job well done!!  Mango and I were both very happy with our work for the day!