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Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model

Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model“Magik Musik” SF dog actor dog model resides in San Francisco, CA. She weighs just under 13 lbs.  Musik is a rare Merle-coated Mini Schnauzer trained to perform tricks & commands, and act & model for TV, film, and photo shoots. She also works as a service animal.


Available in San Francisco Bay Area, and will consider travel. Contact her owner/manager, Beverly Ulbrich, “The Pooch Coach” at


The following video is a compilation of our favorite ad shoots from 2017-2020.

She is an amazing performer, and gets better every day!

Here is a good example of some of her talents at 1 year old. This entire 1 min. video was filmed (& put together) in about an hour.  See some of her amazing skills – including not moving from her stay when a treat bounces off her face (by accident).  She is a one-take wonder!


Musik’s Film Acting

Short Film

Musik and her screen brother in a Sept 2019 shoot.


We saw Musik’s work online, and knew we had to have this pup to star in our film. We were so lucky to have such a talented and easy dog to work with! A true superstar!” Nils Forstall , Writer & Director.

Musik played Jimmie Fails’ neighbor’s dog. Here she is with Jimmie and her on screen dad in rehearsal.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Musik played Jimmie Fails’ neighbor’s dog in The Last Black Man in San Fancisco. Here she is with Jimmie and her on screen dad in rehearsal.

Musik’s Advertising Acting & Modeling

Digital Advertisements

Less than 2 weeks after being the victim of a brutal dog attack requiring life-saving surgery, she's back to work @ Yahoo - and look at that concentration!

actor yahoo ad musik ulbrich dog actor

The time I worked with Musik was the first time I worked with a trained dog. I had no idea what to expect. She was sweet and playful, and Musik’s complete adorableness was matched by her professionalism on set. Her ability to stay focused with her trainer and complete tasks allowed me to focus on what I needed to do and shots to go smoothly. She definitely made smiling for the camera easy to do! I hope I get to work with Musik again in the future!Karen Hernandez, Actor

June Oven

Musik out for a walk with her mom for the day for a June Oven ad.


"When it comes to working with fur babies onset, you never have to ask me twice. I'm so happy I was lucky enough to be paired with the adorably talented Musik for a commercial. I couldn't have asked for a better co-star! Such a blast to work with and definitely made my job as an actor that much easier and more enjoyable! Musik is one talented pup who I hope I get to work with again and again!" Dania Denise, Actor

Vera Bradley

Dog Model for Vera Bradley Musik SF Dog Model and Dog Actor

Musik posed as the puppy of 3 models for Vera Bradley Ads.


"Musik was just a young puppy when we filmed, so we weren't sure what to expect. But her patience, ability to find the camera, and follow all commands was amazing. She posed as my dog as well as 2 other models' dog, and she played the part perfectly every time. I fell in love. Impressive dog!" Sam Gold, Model

dog in vera bradley ad musik ulbrich

Musik was front page worthy!

Brandi Chastain

dog in brandi chastain ads musik ulbrich

Musik posing with co-star, famed World Cup soccer player, Brandi Chastain. They filmed several Amazon Ads.

dog in brandi chastain ads musik ulbrich

Musik filmed with Brandi all day, with several different scenes and products for Amazon small businesses. So much fun!


"Musik was a natural on camera and that's all thanks to the excellent training by Beverly. We had the best time hanging with them for the day on set! Beverly was a great instructor teaching our talent on how to properly interact with Musik. I can't recommend them enough! Thanks for the enjoyable day Musik & Beverly!" Mallory Ashwander, Creative Director @ Thrasio

Tile Tracker Advertisement

dog actor musik tile tracker advertisement

Musik did a studio shoot for Tile.

Musik in an Ad for Haggar Clothing

Here she is in her advertisement for Haggar Clothing.

Musik in an Ad for Grove Collaborative

Musik had to get a dreaded bath for this Grove Collaborative shoot, but she was a real trooper!


We chose Musik because of her looks, but we were astonished with her talents! She was able to do things we hadn’t even put in the script because we didn’t realize a dog could do them… A real star!” Danielle Cheifetz, Producer / Assistant Director @ Kraken Cove Productions

Musik’s Television Experience

Dodo December 2020

Musik performing for an all day shoot with The Dodo.


“Musik is one of the best show dogs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Total pro on set and a delight to work with, Musik is our go to Bay Area dog talent!” Ezra Gould, Director, The Dodo

DogTV February – March 2019

Musik filmed about a dozen scenes for DOGTV. Here’s one of our favorites.


When filming content for DOGTV (television for dogs), it’s important for us to work with the most professional and experienced dog trainers in order to get the best content for dogs to enjoy. Beverly’s dogs Kompis & Musik are so talented and easy to work with because Beverly can communicate exactly what they needed to do, and they always did it! I don’t know how she does it, but it works beautifully! I’m looking forward to working with Beverly and her pup on more DOGTV programs.” Ron Levi, Founder/Chief Content Officer, DOGTV

Musik’s Theatre Experience

Musik played Sandy in “Annie Warbucks“ for 22 performances in March and April 2023


Musik Dog Actor in Annie San Francisco Dog Trainer

Sandy with Annie and Daddy Warbucks!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Here is a peek behind the scenes of training a dog for live theater. Compared to the Broadway Sandy’s, who had to be held down or on leash, Musik is an amazing superstar! This is only after two days of rehearsals, and Broadway dogs can’t get there in years of practice and work.


Musik’s Miscellaneous Experience

Musik at 6 Months Old! Outdoor distractions – perfect stay, sit, down, and come and “look at me”

Musik at 6 Months | Outdoor distractions – perfect stay, “play dead”, and release

High-level Overview of Musik’s Film, Stage, and TV Work

Sept 2023 All day shoot with OpenLight Films for Sequoia. Played newly adopted dog.
Aug 2023 Half day shoot with Molekule for Molekule air purifiers. Played family pet.
July 2023 Rode in Cruise driverless car for ad shoot.
March 2023 22 live performances for musical theatre playing Sandy in “Annie Warbucks”.
March 2022 All day shoot with Anecdote Creative for Fuzzy Pet Health.
September 2021 Starred in independent film “Commuting”. Played dog who commutes by themselves on a bus.
August 2021 Studio shoot for GPS device on her collar for SideCar Studios for Tile Ad.
April 2021 Played a runaway family dog for Williamson Adams for Nexthink Ad. (Last minute fill-in for sick dog.)
November 2020 All day shoot with “The Dodo” helping show off dog tips with her mom.
July 2020 Co-starred in independent film “Project Bau”. Played a lost dog who helps save an older man.
March 2020 All day shoot with soccer star Brandi Chastain for 5 products.
December 2019 Filmed digital ad for Grove Collaborative. Played 2 actors’ dog for 3 scenes.
September 2019 Acted in a film called “It’s Always Something.” Played a runaway pup.
September 2019 Starred in a short film called “Puppies.”  A story of a young boy and his dog.
August 2019 Filmed digital ad for Yahoo. Played one actor’s dog for 5 scenes.
July 2019 Filmed a digital ad for June Ovens. Played one actor’s dog in 4 scenes.
February – March 2019 filmed 4 locations over 2 full days with DOGTV
May 2018 Filmed “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” (rel. June 2019), winner of two Sundance film awards, including best director.
April 2018 Was featured dog in Haggar Clothing commercial.
January 2018 All day Vera Bradley photo shoot. Played the dog of 3 different owners/models.

One of the service dog training videos Musik helped shoot.

Need an ordained minister?  Musik is your dog!
Click below for more info.

Musik SF Ordained Minister Dog

Cutest Ordained Minister. Ever.

Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model


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