Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model

Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model“Magik Musik” SF dog actor dog model was born Aug 4th, 2017. She weighs a little over 13 lbs.  Musik is a rare Merle-coated Mini Schnauzer trained to perform tricks & commands, and model for TV, film, and photo shoots.


Available in San Francisco Bay Area, and will consider travel. Contact her owner/manager, Beverly Ulbrich, “The Pooch Coach” at


The following video is a compilation of our favorite ad shoots from 2017-2020.

She is an amazing performer, and gets better every day!

Here is a good example of some of her talents at 1 year old. This entire 1 min. video was filmed (& put together) in about an hour.  See some of her amazing skills – including not moving from her stay when a treat bounces off her face (by accident).  She is a one-take wonder!


High-level overview of Musik’s film & TV work

January 2018 All day Vera Bradley photo shoot, played the dog of 4 different owners/actors.
April 2018 Was featured dog in Haggar Clothing commercial.
May 2018 Filmed The Last Black Man in San Francisco” (rel. June 2019) winner of two Sundance film awards, including best director.
February – March 2019 filmed 4 locations over 2 full days with DOGTV
July 2019 Filmed a digital ad for June Ovens Played one actor’s dog in 4 scenes.
August 2019 Filmed digital ad for Yahoo Played one actor’s dog for 5 scenes.
September 2019 Starred in a short film called Puppies.
September 2019 Acted in a film called It’s Always Something.
December 2019 Filmed digital ad for  Grove Collaborative Played 2 actors’ dog for 3 scenes.
July 2020 Co-starred in independent film Project Beau Played a lost dog who helps save an older man.

Following are some of Musik’s projects. Please click on titles to expand the descriptions of each project:

Musik co-starred in an independent film currently being called Project Beau

“Musik made perfect eye contact with me during every take. She’s an absolute pro, thanks to her loving trainer, Beverly Ulbrich.” -John Henry Richardson

Musik starred in the short film “Puppies“.

Musik and her screen brother in a Sept 2019 shoot.

Musik acted in a film “It’s Always Something“.

Musik with her screen mom, whom she runs away from at the park.

Musik was a scene-stealer in the 2019 Sundance award-winning film “The Last Black man in San Francisco“.

Musik played Jimmie Fails’ neighbor’s dog. Here she is with Jimmie and her on screen dad in rehearsal.

Musik played Jimmie Fails’ neighbor’s dog. Here she is with Jimmie and her on screen dad in rehearsal.

June Ovens
July 2019

Musik out for a walk with her mom for the day for a June Oven ad

August 2019

Less than 2 weeks after being the victim of a brutal dog attack requiring life-saving surgery, she’s back to work – and look at that concentration!

February – March 2019

Here Musik follows a 2-year-old around at a park for a scene for DOGTV

Here’s her part of an ad for Haggar Clothing:

Here are a couple more samples of her talents from when she even younger:

Outdoor distractions – perfect stay, sit, down and come and “look at me”

Outdoor distractions – perfect stay, “play dead”, and release

Her first pro shoot was with Vera Bradley.  At 5 months old, Musik had to stay in a backpack (which she never did before), and heel with models as they walked on & off a pier, and be carried by models throughout the day.  She was handled by 4 different models and performed so well everyone applauded & cheered for her at the end of the shoot.  Here are some pics:

And she was front page worthy!

Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model

One of the service dog training videos Musik helped me shoot.

Need an ordained minister?  Musik is your dog!
Click below for more info.

Musik SF Ordained Minister Dog

Cutest Ordained Minister. Ever.

Musik SF Dog Actor Dog Model


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