what to do when you get a new dog


Many people come to me because they’ve got a new dog or puppy and want to get off on the right foot (or paw!).  And that’s what Posey’s mom did with her terrier mix puppy.


Here’s some quick, top level advice:


First & foremost, remember you are raising a dog, not just teaching commands and tricks. You need to ensure your dog has good manners and remains safe to himself and others throughout his life.
The most important things you’ll need to teach your new dog are:
-Being alone

(For more detailed advice, see our puppy training page.)


And, of course, basic commands are important. The 4 commands we feel are requirements for a safe dog are:






If a dog has mastered all of those commands, the rest will be a breeze.

(For more details, see our basic obedience page.)


Also, if you haven’t read “How to Raise a Dog“ or looked over our Methodology, please do! That will explain much of what you’ll be learning if you work with The Pooch Coach.

Buster Posey - what to do when you get a new dog

Yes, he’s named after Buster Posey, the SF Giants catcher!