no beg. train a dog to not beg at the table

“I hate when my dog stares at me while I’m eating”  is one of the common complaints I get from my clients.

So, this is what I tell them to do to teach their dog “no beg”:


1. When you’re eating, decide if you want your dog out of the room or in their bed, etc.


2. Put your dog where you want them to be before sitting down.


3. If they get up, stop them at the room entrance or as soon as they step out of their bed, etc. and say “no” and get them back into position.


4. If they get up more than 3 times at first or 2 times once you’ve practiced a bit, then tie them in position with their leash so they are stuck there.


5. After a few mins, untie and start again.


6. If they stay there:

-Reward every 2 mins at first, then

-go to 5 min intervals, and then

-10 min and then, finally,

-after a few days, just reward them at the end of the meal.

You can say “good dog” during the meal a few times as well.


They will learn that staying where you want reaps a reward and trying to sneak away gets them in trouble, and they will choose to stay put. Of course, your consistency is key to the reliability & permanency of this.


Here’s a video on how to train your dog to settle in their place/bed.



Want to be able to share your food with your pup, but still don’t want them to beg? Here’s a video to help you do that:



Happy Eating!!