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sf dog connectors meetup dec 2017

SFDC Meetups are fun! Come out and practice your dog handling & communication skills and meet other past & present members of the Pooch Coach Pack. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Our last Meetup in 2017 will be at


Savor Restaurant
(click above to visit Savor website)


Noe Valley – 3913 24th St, San Francisco
Free Savory appetizers for people & free treats for pups!


Free pics from Soulful Pet Photography!


Free dog training advice from The Pooch Coach!



We’re meeting at Noe Valley’s favorite dog friendly restaurant. We have the whole back patio reserved for us. We will discuss dog restaurant etiquette. You’ll get some tips on how to settle your dog at outdoor cafes and bars. Please, no aggressive dogs at this Meetup. (Unless approved in advance by The Pooch Coach & muzzled at event)


Priority seating for those who sign up in advance. We cannot guarantee seats for people who are not signed up for this event.


For more info & to sign up: click here for Facebook & click here for


Mark your calendars for a fun time with your pup!


Dogs on Film

The Pooch Coach was featured in an article about unusual jobs for women for her dog training business – especially the work she does with dogs for film, TV and print. You can read the interview here:


She’s gearing up for a print ad shoot currently, but her most recently completed job was shooting a TV commercial.  She submitted several of her client’s dogs that fit the description and skill set needed, and they chose Roscoe, the pit bull!  You can view the actual ad here:


The action was to have the dog chew on a phone case.  So, Beverly hid or taped some great treats on the back of a sample prop and went to work with Roscoe and Tupac, his understudy.  You can see their sample clips she sent into the producers here and here


When casting, sometimes we just need simple actions, like sitting next to a toy.  Other times, we have much more difficult scenes, like playing dead in chaos or fetching something odd on camera.  So we’re always looking for new talent!


Enjoy some of these behind-the-scenes pics of The Pooch Coach at work with Roscoe:


Roscoe has trained with Beverly, so they have a very
good relationship, which helps a great deal for these projects.


Beverly has to ensure the dog trusts her
and knows to pay attention to her at all times.

You’d be shocked at some of the small places Beverly has had to
cram herself to ensure the filmmakers and photographers get a great shot!

Whenever possible, Beverly likes the dog’s “stage mom” to be on hand
to enjoy watching the action and ensure their dog is calm and comfortable.

Just a cute pic where it looks like God is shining down on us!

If you would like your dog to be considered for this kind of work, just send an email to Beverly at with a couple pictures, and list any special talents your dog has.  And, who knows?  Your dog might be the next star!!


New Tip

More on dog socialization


Beverly recently wrote an article for Bay Woof magazine that covered more details of the kinds of exposure your new dog or puppy needs to be safe & secure.  One of the critical topics Beverly discusses in this article is the catch-22 of keeping your puppy safe prior to having all of their vaccinations, but still getting them out into the world so they are not undersocialized, which almost always leads to behavior issues down the road.


It’s been a huge debate between some veterinarians and behaviorists.  But the facts are out there, and the vets that don’t understand the importance of socialization need to learn more about this critical portion of a dog’s life!


Click below to see the article

It’s important to introduce the world to your dog in a
way that builds trust and allows him to explore safely.


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