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SFDC Meetups are fun! Come out and practice your dog handling & communication skills and meet other past & present members of the Pooch Coach Pack. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Our last Meetup in 2017 will be at


Savor Restaurant
(click above to visit Savor website)


Noe Valley – 3913 24th St, San Francisco
Free Savor appetizers for people & free treats for pups!

Free pics from Soulful Pet Photography!

Free dog training advice from The Pooch Coach!


We’re meeting at Noe Valley’s favorite dog friendly restaurant. We have the whole back patio reserved for us. We will discuss dog restaurant etiquette. You’ll get some tips on how to settle your dog at outdoor cafes and bars. Please, no aggressive dogs at this Meetup. (Unless approved in advance by The Pooch Coach & muzzled at event)


Priority seating for those who sign up in advance.
We cannot guarantee seats for people who are not signed up for this event.


For more info & to sign up:
click here for Facebook & click here for Meetup.com


Mark your calendars for a fun time with your pup!


Tip – New Dogs & Puppies

The Pooch Coach’s latest series is on bringing home a new dog or puppy. And, The Pooch Coach has a new sidekick! Meet “Musik”, a rare merle schnauzer:

 or on image above to see Musik’s intro video.

Click here for Musik’s Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram @musikdog


New Tip

We’ve been posting a series of tips on Facebook:



…and here is the 3rd installation: SOCIALIZATION


One of the most important things for all new dogs is to learn about their new environment and the people & things in it.  Even as a professional trainer, I am saying that this is MORE CRITICAL than commands or obedience when you first get them.


Ideally, a puppy should meet 100 people before they are 12 weeks old! That way, they see big & small, old & young, hats, beards, skin tones, etc. The more they see, the more easily they will adapt.


The same goes for sounds and objects. Expose them to skateboards, sirens, bikes, & children playing. They will take it all in as part of their new world.


Here are pictures and descriptions from Laff’s first 10 days to show some of the socialization we did:


Here are pictures and descriptions from Laff’s last 20 days to show some of the additional socialization we did:

R.I.P. Precious little Laff.  You are missed, and will never be forgotten.

If you did not see the news of Laff’s passing, please see last month’s newsletter.


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Happy fall! Look forward to seeing a lot more of this adorable pup.

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