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It’s important to learn to distinguish with your dog whether they are just being a picky eater, or if they are sick and need attention.


Always pay close attention to your dog’s eating habits so you know if something is wrong. Appetite change is a top indicator that your dog doesn’t feel well.


BUT do not give in easily if they act like they don’t want to eat their regular dog food. As I explain in this video, you can end up spoiling them! I have seen people who have cooked chicken or beef for their dogs and & the dog refuses to eat it.


They can learn to get used to anything and find it “boring”.


However, if your dog is sick, that’s a different story. You should always work with your vet to find out what you are allowed to offer them, but be prepared to have to offer lots of different varieties in order to get their appetite going if they have a stomach or digestive issue – or even if they are in pain or on painkillers.

dog is picky eater or sick?

Kompis was offered a variety of food at the vet’s office, but wanted none of it. 🙁


One quick tip I learned from this latest experience as well as talking to vets, is that for some reason dogs don’t prefer “organic” baby food but will eat stuff like Gerber. And Komps is no different… If she is willing to eat baby food, it’s only the non-organic, old-fashioned type!


So always monitor your dog’s food intake and be careful about offering alternate treats… It could just be a ploy to not have to eat their “boring” every day food, or it might even cause them additional harm if they’re sick & need to be switched to a bland diet for an illness.