Kompis & I came across an injured pigeon the other day.   It was using its wings to slide around, and it was completely alert.  I felt so bad for it!


injured pigeon rescue

I put some boxes around the bird to protect it and keep it from going (back) into the street.


After getting off of the street and safely in a mini fort, I called Animal Care & Control.  Kompis helped keep watch.


injured pigeon rescue

Kompis was concerned, too!


We kept watch over him for over a half hour.  We had to fend off a few kids & dogs who passed by.


injured pigeon rescue

He seemed to trust us after a while and settled into his spot.


He stayed put… Until he saw some other pigeons land nearby, and then he tried to escape to get to them.  So I had to built a better fort!


injured pigeon rescue

I built a box around him to keep him safe.


Finally, Animal Care & Control came and took him back to their facility to do a check up and see what could be done to save him.


injured pigeon rescue SF animal care and control

SF ACC finally came a took the injured back to safety.


I hope the little guy made it!  If not, at least we saved him from more suffering.  At one point, he went under someone’s parked car and I had to get him out before the driver ran him over!