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Pit Bull TrainingPit bulls are a beautiful, strong breed and they have gotten a tarnished reputation in the last few years. Most pit bull owners are aware of the dangers of pit bull aggression, and do everything they can to ensure their dogs are safe and help prove that they are just as sweet and loving as any other breed. The Pooch Coach is where many dog owners have turned for pit bull training. Beverly has worked with over 400 pit bulls in her 20+ years as a trainer and behaviorist. She also has been on TV advocating on their behalf when they get in the news. She understands the misconceptions and knows how to work with all the different issues that can arise. Truly “Any Dog. Any Problem.”

Here are a few sample clips from The Pooch Coach’s TV appearances as a Pit Bull Expert.

Pit Bull – Police Horse

Pit Bull incident in CA

Pit Bulls with Young Boy

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The Pooch Coach pit bull dog training 1“Carmello (our pit bull) was terrorizing our family and friends. He had bitten each of us several times. We were afraid we’d have to get rid of him. We always had to put a leash and a muzzle on him for walks and when we had visitors. Beverly was our last resort. By the end of the first session, Carmello was jumping on her lap and hugging and kissing her face! He never showed that kind of affection to any of us! In just a few more sessions, Beverly taught us how to establish our authority and control Carmello. By the last lesson, he was walking with us without a muzzle and greeting strangers with a wagging tail. We were amazed at how well she worked with us and our dog. We are so grateful. She saved Carmello’s life“. – Paula & Roberto Cordova, Daly City, CA

Pit Bull Dog Training by The Pooch Coach“My Pit Bull, Sam, was getting more and more aggressive towards other dogs. I was afraid to even take him out for walks anymore. After working with Beverly, first in my home and then at a couple dog parks, Sam is a new dog! Beverly worked with both Sam & me and showed me how to interact with him. I can now take him everywhere I go and I have no problems with his behavior towards other dogs”. – Cheryl, Oakland, CA

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