Playing too Rough


Saffron is 8 months old. She has a common issue for pit bulls… She plays a bit too roughly with other dogs, and doesn’t take the hint when they don’t want to engage.


The typical reason this happens is because the dog wasn’t socialized enough when they were young. So, when they were tiny, they didn’t get the corrections dogs give to puppies to teach them to calm down and greet politely.


The puppy gets rescued by someone when they are already 6 months or older, and now they are already stronger than 1/2 the dogs at the park! Other dog parents are afraid and do not want to let the under-socialized dog play with their babies. If a big dog happens to take them on, they still might get a few corrections and learn some boundaries.


But it’s usually too little, too late.


So, we need to rehabilitate the older puppy and teach her manners and patience. Once she’s really well trained to listen in mildly distracted areas, we can work at the dog park with other dogs and WE can tell her when she’s getting out of hand and when she’s doing well.


It takes time & patience, like most dog training & rehab. But if the dog parents stick to it, we can usually teach the older pup some manners and get her back into the pack at the park!


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