Time for Hachi to meet one of the packs I work with and see how he does meeting several dogs face to face.


When we started training, he was whiney and jumpy and crazy on the leash when he saw other dogs. His new dad worked hard on the lessons, training commands & obedience and desensitizing him to new dogs. We got him to learn to be calmer and approach other dogs more gently one on one, and now we wanted to see how he did with a group of dogs.


He did great! I grabbed these shots of him performing a doggie greeting perfectly!


Step 1: Calmly approach the other dog from the side and gently smell her butt.

Polite dog greeting steps


Step 2: “The “Dance” start rotating around so that you smell at the same time, and then start switching positions.

Polite dog greeting steps
Step 3: Patiently allow the other dog to sniff his butt.

Polite dog greeting steps
And he did so well, that we dropped the leash for a bit and let him play with a new friend, and he had a blast.

Polite dog greeting steps
Great job, new dad & Hachi!


Here’s a video with more info and examples of polite dog greeting.



Happy sniffing!


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