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Does your friend or family member have a dog who needs some help with dog training or behavior issues?


You can help!


Give the gift that keeps on giving… A dog training gift certificate. Help them get their dog trained to be the perfect companion they’ve dreamed of.


Beverly Ulbrich, “The Pooch Coach”, is an internationally renowned and respected canine behaviorist who’s been on numerous TV shows and given lectures around the U.S. (See bio) She can help with any behavior issue or training desired. Here are some of the most popular topics she covers:





The Pooch Coach Dog Training Gift Certificate

The Pooch Coach is an internationally renowned canine behaviorist

All sessions include:

-Private one-on-one lesson with The Pooch Coach, expert dog trainer & behaviorist.
-Follow up written instructions, videos and papers for reference.
-Free follow up via phone or email for 1 month with questions and guidance on topics covered in training.

Gift Certificate Packages

Dog Training: One 90 minute session for $350.
Choose from:

1. Basic obedience: Perfect sit, basic stay, walking nicely on leash, no jumping on people.

2. Intermediate obedience: Advanced stay, no stealing objects or food, drop any object, down, come when called.

3. Advanced obedience: Tricks, off leash recall, perfect stay, custom training.

4. Dog’s choice: Focus on 3-4 commands or issues

Choose a Dog Training Package


Behavior modification: Package of three 60-min sessions for $750.
Choose from:


1. Aggression: Barking, growling, or lunging at people, other dogs, or objects. (see more)

2. Separation anxiety: Uncomfortable being left alone. Barks, whines or does destructive behavior. (see more)

3. Fear/Shyness: Timid around people, dogs or new objects. Needs to build confidence. (see more)

4. Dog’s Choice: Have some other behavior issues? Choose this option for more flexibility.

Choose a Behavior Package

Now your friend really can have
“The Best Dog Ever”.

Please contact us with any questions.




Sample Gift Certificate

sample pooch coach dog training gift certificate