The Benefits of Private Training

The Benefits of Private Training

There are many reasons why private, personalized training
is better than group classes for both you and your dog.

Behavior Issues

First of all, if your dog has any behavior issues, you need personalized focus. You also need an expert behaviorist, not simply a dog trainer. Beverly understands the psychology behind dogs and their actions and has worked with every type of behavior problem imaginable: from aggression to separation anxiety to fear. And she will help ensure your dog does not develop any behavior issues by carefully reviewing with you every step needed to avoid future problems.

Obedience and Safety

Then there is obedience and safety training. The main difference between a dog trained in a typical classroom (or with private trainers who are actually group trainers) vs. privately with The Pooch Coach is the level of safety and performance attained. A dog in a classroom learns “sit”, “down”, basic stay, and sometimes to walk on a loose leash (in a circle in the training room). All of this is done with a treat in hand, using hand motions and repeating commands if necessary. So, at home, the dog looks for a treat and, when there isn’t one, typically ignores you. Outdoors, at the park or near a busy area such as a street, it gets worse – and even dangerous. Even with a hotdog in your hand, you might not be able to keep your dog from lunging away and getting hurt. Instead, a dog trained with Pooch Coach methods learns to respond to all commands without treats, without hand motions, and without repeating commands.

How we do it

We use positive reinforcement training methods and typically use treats when first introducing a new command or behavior, but then we wean your dog off of treats… and we use many other things as rewards as well. We work on real life situations in the Bay Area – training your dog not to ever go out your door without your permission or, even more importantly, to never cross a street without your permission. Test a dog from a class – tell him to sit on a corner and then toss a cookie or a ball into the street – he will jump right after it. A dog trained with Pooch Coach methods would hold fast – waiting for an owner’s command before stepping into the street. So, if your dog ever gets off leash, he won’t step off of a curb if you aren’t there to tell him it’s OK to do so. Talk about life-saving! These important aspects of protecting your dog and ensuring your control over him in critical times is our focus. A Pooch Coach dog will back off of a yummy chicken bone on the ground after one command – and not go back to it. We usually teach this life-saving command in the first few lessons – and even with 9 week old puppies!

Optimal Results

There is much more to training than having a dog follow a treat in your hand. You want your dog to understand what you’re saying at all times and know that commands are not optional. This will be the key to his overall safety over the years. You want your dog to trust and respect you, just as you trust and respect him. And this is what you can count on if you work with The Pooch Coach.

Don’t wait for a class… Get started today!

Some additional things for you to consider about private training:


You get to do training on your schedule, not someone else’s.


You receive one-on-one personal attention, which assures all of your questions will be answered, and all of your goals will be met.


The training is set around your dog and his needs and personality – it is not a “cookie cutter” training course. One size does not fit all!


We meet when you and your dog are ready for the next lesson – not at a pre-selected time. How do you know if your dog will be ready for her next lesson in exactly one week? Sometimes it takes longer – and sometimes it’s shorter.


You do not have to miss lessons due to other engagements or travel.


You start in a house, in a comfortable setting for both you and your dog.


The Pooch Coach (TPC) goes with you to neighborhood parks and on walks – where your dog will actually be spending his time – and will need to behave.


There are too many distractions for focused training in a classroom setting.


A dog (and especially a puppy) cannot concentrate for a full hour. TPC spends a good portion of your training time talking and working with you while your dog gets to relax in a peaceful environment – dogs often even take a nap! You don’t see many puppies napping in classrooms.


Socialization occurs with different dogs, who are different ages, in a “real world” setting: on walks, in dog parks, with other dogs on and off leash. Classes are not the real world – it’s just the same 10 dogs (who are all similar ages) each week.


You know you’re getting a top-rated trainer & behaviorist – and the owner of the business – to work with. You are not getting a trainee of a trainer or training program. Many other training companies have several junior trainers, who are trained in only one method. So, even if they do offer private training, you do not know what the quality/experience of your trainer will be, and they will be following someone else’s training guidelines, not creating a personalized program for your and your dog’s needs.


TPC is available to answer questions during training, between lessons, and even after training is completed.


TPC is located in San Francisco, with easy access and free unrestricted parking. She will also travel if needed in the Bay Area for one time consultations & some training services. TPC is available for phone consultations or extended travel throughout the United States – and beyond.


TPC truly adores dogs and wants the best for them and their owners.


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