Kompis has been a bit stiff lately.  She sometimes has trouble getting up, walks slowly uphill on some days, and has trouble going up stairs.  I decided it was time to get her some bodywork.

Relaxing Rex Dog Massage

“Mommy! No! Is this a vet? Are there needles involved?”


At first she was skeptical.  She’s had vets make housecalls before, and they have needles.


Relaxing Rex Dog Massage

“Oh, OK, maybe this isn’t so bad”


But she started settling in pretty quickly.  The masseuse was very gentle and took her time with Kompis to ensure she was comfortable.


Relaxing Rex Canine Massage

“Oh yeah! THAT’S the spot!”


The massuese explains:

Our dogs feel the same stresses and pain we do when they work and play too hard, are recovering from injuries and surgery, or are just getting a little older; and, just like with humans, massage can help them feel better, recover quicker and be an important part of their whole wellness. Massage has many benefits, including increasing blood circulation, elimination of toxins from the body, relieving tension, relaxing muscle spasms, helping maintain flexibility, and many more.


Relaxing Rex Canine Massage

“OK, I’m relaxed now”


Using knowledge gained from studying canine anatomy, physiology, pathology, structure & movement, and acquiring skill sets enabling me to evaluate and massage your dog to assess issues, Anastasia can make recommendations and work alongside vets and other canine professionals to address your dog’s well being. She can reactively help with current issues and proactively optimize your dog’s health, so any future issues will be shorter and have lower impact. Massage is just a part of a “whole dog” approach to your dog’s health.


Relaxing Rex Canine Massage

“I’m a noodle”


At the end, Kompis was so relaxed that she didn’t want to get up, so I just carried her entire bed out of the room.  I’d say that was a successful visit…  We give Dog Massage 2 paws up!