Reliable Recall

Reliable Recall
Reliable Recall


Durant’s next lesson included the first steps to reliable recall.

It’s so important to train your dog to come on command. It is probably THE most important, life saving command! Dogs not only need to learn  to come to you whenever you call, but even to strangers – in case they get lost and need help getting home.


Here are some tips I give my clients for better recall:


  • Make sure you teach your dog the command “come” in the house and practice it to perfection before expecting him to listen outside.
  • Don’t punish your dog for coming! If your dog comes and gets leashed & taken home from the park, put in his crate, or gets an unwanted bath, he’s going to learn that it stinks to come. Make sure you make all “come” commands happy with positive outcomes for your pup.
  • Practice having your dog come to family members and friends when they visit.   You can make it a fun game of “hide and seek”.  This way, they learn to come to anyone who calls AND to come even when they can’t see you.
  • Always make your dog come all the way to you and sit.  He should be comfortable having his collar grabbed so that anyone can read his ID tag & call you. If people can’t grab his collar, your ID tag is useless. This can be a life or death issue, as explained in this video from a Meetup earlier this year.


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