Another reminder to keep your dog socialized during the shelter in place.

reminder to keep your dog socialized during the shelter in place

One great way is to meet up for puppy playdates outdoors, where you can practice social distancing.


This was Mikka and Musik Ulbrich’s 2nd playdate. They play very well together, so I filmed some of it to demonstrate.




1. If one dog keeps being pinned down and cannot easily get back up, the dog on top needs to be pulled off. If the dog on the bottom is having fun and not struggling, you’re OK for short periods.


Ideally, dogs should take turns being on top…. Unless one dog is much bigger – then they should always be lying down or on their back to ensure the smaller dog’s safety.


2. Note in this video how the puppy (Mikka) tripped on herself and fell backwards. And then she popped right up, Musik checked on her, and then they were off again. That means the puppy wasn’t fazed,


3. If a dog yelps, it’s time for the other dog to immediately cease play and check in. If that dog does NOT stop, interrupt and get them away from the injured or scared dog. Check to ensure all is OK, and then let them try again once they’ve calmed down.


The bottom line: As long as both dogs keep coming back for more, then all is well. Look and listen to ensure nothing escalates, and you should be fine. And make sure and stop any dog who is scaring another dog.


Here’s blog post about how dogs should politely greet: