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The Pooch Coach
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by Nicole Killigrew on The Pooch Coach
The Pooch Coach=BEST dog trainer!!

Beverly is INCREDIBLE! I've had Nala for almost 5 years and she was scared of loud noises, was dog reactive, aggressive towards kids and more. We started working with Beverly over a year ago and I am beyond glad I did and so grateful to her for all she has taught us.

We went to a meet up with the Pooch Coach this past weekend and it was so apparent how much less reactive Nala is toward other dogs, there is definitely still work to do and I will continue to work on it but the improvement we have made since we started with Beverly is truly AMAZING and I know it will only continue! I remember when Nala reacted to almost every dog and it was kind of a question on how she would react to certain situations. Not only has Beverly helped Nala but she has helped me. My confidence as a dog owner has come on and I truly understand how important it is to let your dog know you are in charge which allows them to trust and be more relaxed in situations.

If you have issues with your dogs, go to Beverly. Don't even think twice about it, you'll be so glad you did!


by Natalie F. on The Pooch Coach
San Francisco Dog Trainer

We just got back from one of The Pooch Coach's meet-ups, and on the way home we're reflecting on how great our pup did (which was hard not to notice when so many people we were interacting with commented so). She has been working with Beverly for ~8 months and she has made so much progress.

We started working with the Pooch Coach within a few weeks of rescuing our pup because like many rescues she had issues. She was scared of people 10 yards away minding their own business and would bark or growl, she wasn't house trained, and she barely knew how to sit. Like Beverly told us, "it's equivalent to her being in 5th grade and she still can't read." Today, she can take voice commands in a park full of distractions (people and dogs barking/playing) from 15 feet away, approaches strangers openly, and can maintain focus when passing other dogs. I can't remember the last time she has an accident. She's not done learning, but we can't deny the progress she's made thanks to Beverly.

Here's the real deal, The Pooch Coach is direct and no frills. She gives clear and concise feedback, offers leading guidance when you're on the right track, and calls out your bad habits when you're not. This leads to real change in your owner behaviors which translate directly to your dog. If you want to be coddled, she's not the trainer for you. Our dog has made amazing progress very much with thanks to her. If you have a dog with issues and are serious about fixing them and putting in the work, she's a great trainer for you.

by Tiffani Yee Yanagishita on The Pooch Coach
Think Like A Dog

I've known the Pooch Coach for 2+ years and have worked with her off and on throughout this time for guidance in training my pit mix who is now 3 years old. After getting training from several different trainers with varying training styles, I could see I was just confusing my dog and realized it was I who needed the training the most. The decision to get help from the Pooch Coach made a tremendous impact on the kind of dog mom and leader I had to shape up to become. I appreciate her style as it is direct and straight forward which is what works best for me. She gives me lots of relatable human analogies to help me better understand what my dog could be thinking/feeling/experiencing in any given situation and has given me the tools to communicate better with him. During our training sessions, she has me working directly with my dog (as it would do no good for her to do the work since I am the one living with him!) but she has worked with my dog as well on set for a commercial he was in recently. He was so responsive to her and I could see he looked to her for reassurance and guidance which told me he trusted her. Working with her in this capacity (with a whole crew of people around my dog) was new to me as we had never filmed anything before. But being the expert she is, she thought of everything that could possibly risk my dog feeling safe in that environment and was overly cautious at all times that the crew (who is good at their jobs but not necessarily handling dogs) did not do something inadvertently to put my dog in a situation where he felt insecure. She made him feel so well protected which I could see in his body language (he was comfortable on set - not at all nervous, performed well, didn't react to strange new things because of the way she guarded the crew's every move around him, the way he constantly looked at her for approval, and mostly, for the fact that I could have driven home without him and he wouldn't have even noticed!) Even during our training sessions before filming day, she set realistic expectations for both sides (producer and us as the family) so we could all be at our best the day of. Overall, I definitely trust her as someone who will be honest with me, direct me appropriately with training and handling my dog, and am confident that she is not just someone who loves dogs but understands them and handles them effectively with confidence and positivity.

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