Dog Aggression Towards People

Dog Aggression

We are the SF Bay Area experts on dog aggression. Click for help and to learn more about what causes dogs to be aggressive and the different types of dog aggression.

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help with fearful dogs The Pooch Coach

Dog Fear and Shyness

It can be heart wrenching to watch your dog cower or shake in fear. And, fearful dogs almost always turn aggressive, so you need help as soon as possible.

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dog separation anxiety training

Dog Separation Anxiety

Dogs can show many signs of stress when left alone. We’ve seen it all: Barking, chewing, urination, scratching at doors, breaking through windows… and more. Relax! We can help.

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Temperament Eval

Need an evaluation of your newly adopted dog? Did your dog bite someone or start a new behavior? We’ve done hundreds of evals to help shelter dogs, new owners & dogs in court.

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Dog Resource Guarding

Dog Resource Guarding

Dogs often protect their food, bones or toys. It’s in their nature to do so. But it’s also very unsafe. We will teach your dog to stop feeling like they need to protect their stuff.

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any dog any problem

Any Dog. Any Problem.

Don’t see your issue listed here?  Don’t worry.  We’ve seen it all and can help! No problem is too big or too small. Get in touch with us today and we can start giving you the help you need.

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Expert, top-rated and award winning San Francisco Dog Behaviorist

Above are the most common issues I see as a San Francisco Dog Behaviorist. We can help with all types of behavior issues from mild to severe dog aggression, to fear and shyness to anxiety. As an expert San Francisco dog behaviorist for over 20 years, The Pooch Coach has seen it all and can help with “Any Dog, Any Problem”.

San Francisco Dog Behaviorist
Dogs are in our lives to bring us love, peace, & happiness. If instead of always providing enjoyment, your dog is sometimes causing you to feel stress, frustration, fear, embarrassment or even pity, that’s not what you or he deserves in life!


With proper training and rehab, we will bring back harmony and joy into you and your dog’s lives. Our program will empower you to effectively communicate with your dog. Our clients have a renewed sense of accomplishment, relief, and happiness after working with us. Let The Pooch Coach San Francisco Dog Behaviorist help you gain the serenity and peace of mind you and your dog are meant to have together.