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SFDC Meetups are fun! Come out and practice your dog handling & communication skills and meet other past & present members of the Pooch Coach Pack. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:

Our next Meetup will be at
Best Friend’s Strut Your Mutt on Sept 30th.

9 AM – 1 PM at Little Marina Green in SF.

The Pooch Coach was once again asked
to be their  “Ask The Trainer” booth.


Mark your calendars for a fun day with your pup!


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September News & Tip


Please note
The Pooch Coach will be closed from Aug 27th – Sept 6th,


and will only be able to reached sporadically for emergencies.


Call Wayne @ 240-460-6059 if you need urgent help & he will try to reach me.


Here’s why:


For those of you not on Facebook, I’ve had another rough month.  My puppy, Laff, died unexpectedly while undergoing heart surgery on August 9th.  Even more heartbreaking is that she should have made it. Surgery to correct her defect (PDA – Patent Ductus Arteriosus) has only a 1-2% failure rate. She was very healthy otherwise, and her heart was strong.  So we have asked for a review of everything to find out what went wrong.

She was such a joyful, energetic little spirit and I miss her terribly.  My heart has been broken once again.


I’ll be writing more about this once more time has passed.  In the meantime, please enjoy some cute pics of my little 2.5 lb bundle of joy.


Laff after her first bath.

Laff playing in the sun.

Laff & me goofing around.

In the one month I had her, I fell in love again.  My house once again felt like a home. She learned a lot and she taught me a lot. Just like with Kompis (whom I lost in March at 12 years old), she will continue to be a source of information for my teachings & training. So please continue to look for more pics & videos as I feel strong enough to work on them and release them.  (See more here.)


My tip:

Cherish every day you have with your loved ones.
You never know when they might be gone.


And, always remember:
Spending time training your dog is spending time loving them.

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We miss you, sweet little spirit.

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