Dog Temperament Evaluations

New dog, or new behavior?
Did your dog bite someone?
Do you have to go to Vicious and Dangerous Dog Court?

Dog Temperament Evaluations

Don’t panic!  We can help.

Beverly Ulbrich, owner of the The Pooch Coach, has over 20 years experience evaluating hundreds of dogs in shelters and in homes, for rescue groups, families and courts. She has worked with dog courts all over the SF Bay Area. She can help assess your dog and, if needed, write up a formal temperament evaluation for a hearing and, most importantly, she will help ensure your dog is safe and free to continue to be a great family member.


If you have a new dog or puppy, you should get them checked out to catch and address any potential behavior issues right away – before they get out of hand.  A temperament evaluation is a perfect way to ensure a safe, peaceful life with your new dog.


If you are dealing with a Dangerous Dog Court situation…

Please watch this 2 minute video of Sergeant Bill Herndon, who ran San Francisco’s Vicious and Dangerous Dog Court for over 20 years and was featured on Animal Planet’s Animal Cops San Francisco. He is the Bay Area’s foremost expert on Dangerous Dog hearings. He explains how Beverly has helped dozens of people get through their dangerous dog hearings and rehabilitate their dogs.. and how she can help you, too.


If you’re not familiar with San Francisco’s Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit or Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearings, here is some information: SF Vicious & Dangerous Dog Unit .  This page also has the vicious and dangerous dog complaint form you can use to report potentially dangerous dogs.


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