SF Dog Connectors Meetup

SF Dog Connector's Meetup with Free Dog Training Tips

Welcome to SF Dog Connectors Final Meetup of 2019
SF Dog Connectors Meetups are held approximately every other month.


Training tips & treats from The Pooch Coach!

November 2019 Meetup

Saturday, Nov 16th at 12 noon – 1:30 PM

at Christopher Playground* in San Francisco.

*NOTEentrance has changed due to construction!  Use this map’s instructions for access

Use this path to access the park. There is fencing up at ALL other entrance points.

(Scroll down to see pics below for exact meeting location).


The Pooch Coach, SF’s top rated dog trainer & behaviorist, will give some demonstrations and offer 1-1 help to attendees with questions about their dogs.


Agenda for SF Dog Connectors November 2019 Meetup:
Please be on time so you do not miss the exercises!


NOTE: This meetup will be a little different than previous ones.


sf dog connectors november 2019 meetup


As usual, a combination of all types of dogs are welcome: aggressive/reactive, shy/fearful, and curious/comfortable.


But we will be using this Meetup to examine all of these different types of reactions to other dogs. The Pooch Coach will explain their body language, and how to read and understand it. Will will get to see a wide variety of ways that dogs show their emotions.


This will hopefully help people avoid confrontations in the future, and be better equipped to make judgments and decisions for their dog’s and their own safety.


In combination with this, The Pooch Coach will be demonstrating some self-defense moves for when aggressive dogs get too close, especially if they’re off leash.


Please make sure and sign up for this, because we have to have at least 15 or 20 dogs to make it worthwhile.


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Watch this 90 second video from a previous Meetup to see some of the things we do:




Come out and enjoy some fun play time with your dog. Meet other dog lovers and get training and behavior tips from expert San Francisco dog trainer & behaviorist, The Pooch Coach!


If your dog is a little shy, don’t worry! I’m here to help. We can all work together to teach our dogs great manners around other dogs and all types of people. Let’s demonstrate responsible dog ownership and help keep our parks available for our dogs to play.


This is not an official off leash park, but most people do let their dogs run off leash. Glen Park Canyon is right there, so you can also go on a great hike from here!


There should be plenty of parking in the Safeway/Walgreen’s parking lot. Just walk up the cement stairs off the to right corner of the mall and the park’s right there. (See pics below for details). Or, park on the street on Diamond Heights Blvd – there’s an entrance there as well.


In the meantime, please join us on the SF Dog Connect Facebook page for updates and free dog training tips www.facebook.com/DogConnect

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Here is a video sample of a previous Meetup, where The Pooch Coach explains how to keep your dog from jumping on people to greet them.


Directions to meeting place for park Meetups

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