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The Best Private Dog TrainingYou have many choices for how to train your dog. The Pooch Coach realizes this and wants to offer something that will help as many people and dogs as possible.


Full service program: The Pooch Coach provides a package of typically 3-6 lessons, depending on your needs. You pay one price to get all the training and behavior modification you need. We start with an initial evaluation to determine what’s going on with your dog, go over you history, understand your goals and concerns, and then The Pooch Coach suggests the best course of action based on all this information. You then have a personal coach who is just a phone call away who will walk you through everything step by step and be your private personalized resource for all your dog rearing needs. And you can attend free monthly training meetups for life.


As needed training: Our new spin off, SF Dog Connect, provides the same expert advice, but on an as-needed basis. You start training in the very first meeting, and then you come back only if and when you need more work. You are invited to join our Facebook community for tips and questions, and you can come to our monthly Meetups to get more practice and free additional training tips. This is a less expensive alternative for those seeking top notch personal training, but who aren’t sure they are ready for the commitment to a full scale program.

Choose the method that’s best for you. Or call us to discuss the options and help you decide. We’re here to help you! 415-643-3333


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