Malakai came back for more training. One of the things we worked on is sit-down-sit – or “puppy push-ups”. That’s when you ask a dog to sit, then down, and then sit again.


Many dogs cannot do this, since once they are lying down, they don’t understand that “sit” means to get back up… especially without any hand motion.


They think that sit means “put my butt down”.  But, when they are laying down, their butt is already down.  So they need to learn that “sit” now means to push your front end up with your paws.


Can your dog do puppy push-ups??

If not, watch this video to learn why he can’t and how to teach him quickly and easily!


If your dog doesn’t know how to lay down without a hand motion, you need to do that step first.  Here’s a video on that: