small dog syndrome

Now that’s a small dog!

TEENY DOG ALERT! Tasha the long haired Chihuahua puppy is the smallest dog I’ve worked with in a long time. She is just over one pound… (she’s mostly fur). That’s smaller than a guinea pig!  She’s at risk of “small dog syndrome”.


One of my main goals in training small dogs is to teach their parents to treat them like BIG dogs.


No one likes little yappy dogs with ‘small dog syndrome’. The simple way to avoid that is to make sure your dog is confident and comfortable with being a dog. A good rule of thumb is: If you wouldn’t do it with an 80 lb Rottweiler, you probably shouldn’t be doing it with your little pup.


Think how silly it would be to pick up an 80 lb dog every time another dog came to sniff him. Or carry him up & down the steps because he’s too afraid to do it himself. And you certainly wouldn’t carry him in a bag with you when you’re out walking!


Allow your dog to enjoy being a dog no matter what his size. He needs to learn how to walk on a leash and happily greet all types of dogs and people. Otherwise, you will have an under-socialized, scared and eventually aggressive pooch on your hands… i.e. a dog with small dog syndrome!


Read more about fear and aggression here.

Musik met this very large dog when she was just 4 months old. 

But her curiosity and confidence was strong enough for her to interact with him like a big dog!




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