Ahh.. some alone time!

Make sure your dog knows there are places they can go to be alone to rest and center themselves, because sometimes dog needs space, just like their human counterparts.


Just like people, dogs pick up stressors around them in their own lives, as well as off of the people they live with. So it’s great for them to know that they can take a little time for self-care, and go lie in their crate, bed, or even a little nook in the closet, to have some “me time”. In Musik’s case, she likes to go to the other side of our yard. 😊


Here is some more information on dogs getting their alone time: Giving Your Dog Space


And of course make sure you’re taking time for yourself! You’re not going to help your dog by being stressed It’s imperative that you get out every single day for a nice long walk so you both can get some stress relief and bonding time.