Soothing Your Dog’s Shaved Itchy Skin

Soothing Your Dog's Shaved Itchy Skin



If your dog has some scratches or wounds, or if they’ve been shaved from surgery, or both, this is a really helpful tip that I just learned.


Instead of using a harsh cleansing agent or hydrogen peroxide (which was recommended to me by the ER vet, and I refused to do, and it ends up drying the skin anyway), you can simply use green tea soaked in a washcloth. Just lay it on your dog’s skin at a nice warm temperature.


NOTE – Make sure it’s not too hot!! Check it on your skin first.


It turns out that green tea is good for soothing, itching, inflammation, and even facilitates wound healing and cleansing. Here is a link to a scientific study proving that it works to heal and clean wounds:…


And here’s another article on using it for relief of itchy skin. You can also use chamomile tea for some different soothing effects, along with some other household items.…/5-natural-remedies-to-hel…


Always check with your vet first to make sure it’s OK. For instance… My first inclination was to try coconut oil on her skin, and the vet said that it would absorb into her skin and wounds and drag in bacteria with it, so it was very unsafe. 😳


Musik Ulbrich has been taking her little soaks pretty well. They seem to make her feel less itchy afterwards. And I think she likes when the washcloth is on her, and I give her a little soft rubbing motions to keep things moving on her back.


EXTRA TIP – If your dog is upset or resistant to this treatment, you can feed them treats or give them a favorite chew toy while you do it. Not only will it distract them at first, but it will train them to enjoy it because they’ll associate it with cookies. So it’s a win-win!