How to Train Your Dog to Stay

Now THAT’S a stay!

Want to train your dog to stay?


Here is the easiest way to train your dog to stay:


It’s best to use a treat, bowl of food, chewie or toy for this exercise.

  1. Have your dog “sit”
  2. Ask them to “stay”
  3. Place the object on the floor in front of them
  4. If they stay, wait a second & say “OK” to allow them to get it
  5. If they try to get it, grab it and say “no” and start over
  6. Repeat until they understand that “stay” means do not move until your hear “OK”


Here’s a video that demonstrates this stay and goes over these steps:



Stay can be a life-saving command for your dog some day, and it also helps teach politeness and patience.  And dogs are so happy to learn this and excited & proud when they are finally allowed to break the stay.  If you haven’t taught this vital command yet, please do!  My puppy, Musik, learned to stay on her 2nd day home at just 8 weeks old.  It’s really easy to train your dog to stay if you use my technique.


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