OK, maybe Kompis couldn’t actually open that door.  But many dogs could!


Do you know what the strongest breeds are?  We did some research and this is what we came up with.  There are some breeds in there you’ve probably never heard of!  Surprisingly, Pit Bulls did not make the top 3 on any list I saw!


strongest dog


Here are the top 3


#1 Kangal

All dogs are nice, all dogs are beautiful, and we’ve just counted down 9 of the strongest, however we have reached the champion, the strongest of them all.

There is only one breed that can take this spot, the Kangal. This is no ordinary dog, this in fact one of the oldest breed around, and can be traced to times predating the original Mastiffs.

Indeed the Kangal has been on this earth for longer than we can remember, and it has served man by helping him with livestock.

Kangal - The strongest dog breed

Kangal – The strongest dog breed

2. The St. Bernard

This dog is amazing, and was really close to getting the number 1 spot on our list; however it was not quite strong enough. The St. Bernard is by origin a Swiss dog, and it was used by Swiss authorities in the past to basically hunt down lost tourists and guide them back to safety.

For reference, they used to have a small keg containing an alcoholic beverage around their necks in order to help the poor tourist get warmer and survive the harsh environment, however with the recent advances in technology the St. Bernard’s services were no longer required and so they serve as pets now.


3. The Carpathian Shepherd

There are some weird things out there in the dog world. There are dogs that have been bred to fight with each other to the death, others that have been bred to pull sleds, others that were bred to herd cattle, and then there’s the Carpathian Shepherd which was bred to take down and kill bears.

This breed is predominantly found, and bred in Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania and Serbia, along the entire length of the Carpathian Mountain Chain, and these dogs were used in the past for one thing, and one thing only, keeping sheep safe as they grazed on the meadows of the Carpathian mountains.


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