How well adjusted and
well trained is your dog?

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1. When I ask my dog to "sit" or "down" without any food or other reward and without any hand motion, what does he do?

A. Looks for the treat in my hand and walks away when there isn’t one.
B. Complies after I repeat the command a couple times and/or use a hand motion
C. Immediately performs the task… and he will stay in position for at least a minute – no matter what is going on around him

2. When I'm walking around the house,

A. My dog follows me everywhere, sometimes getting under foot.
B. My dog often follows me or checks up on me.
C. I sometimes forget I have a dog.

3. If I pet my dog while she's eating or chewing a bone - or try to take the bone away, she

A. Growls, snarls or bites.
B. Tenses up, maybe grabs on a bit to the bone, but releases once I pull.
C. Is relaxed and lets me easily take anything from her mouth.

4. When we go for a walk, my dog:

A. Often pulls to where she wants to sniff and often lunges at other dogs or people along the way.
B. Walks on a loose lead most of the time and shows interest in other dogs, but remains fairly calm.
C. Walks in a heel and only greets another dog when invited to do so.

5. If I were to leave a tasty sandwich or other human treat on my coffee table (in reach of my dog), he would:

A. Eat it the second I turned my head or left the room.
B. Be able to stay away if I were actually near it, but would eat it if I left the room.
C. Never dream of touching it.

6. When people come over to visit, my dog:

A. Barks and growls a little (or a lot) and shies away at first
B. Eagerly greets them by jumping on or around them, licking, etc.
C. Sits politely to be petted.

7. When let off the leash, my dog

A. Runs away or chases after things.
B. Will sometimes come when called, but not very well if he’s distracted by another dog or cat or bird or squirrel, or…
C. Always comes when called. And he knows to never run into the street without permission.

8. When my dog greets other dogs,

A. She acts like she wants to kill them
B. She acts afraid – or too energetic, and often startles the other dog or its owner
C. She sniffs them casually and then maybe tries to play

9. When I have to leave my dog alone - in my house for the day, in a car for a few minutes, in another room, or in his kennel, he:

A. Freaks out and often barks or causes damage
B. Barks for a bit, but will eventually settle down. He gets very excited when I return.
C. Remains quiet and calm when I leave and when I return. He mostly sleeps or plays by himself when alone.

10. I actively practice training and commands with my dog:

A. Hardly ever
B. Almost every day
C. Several times a day


For every “A” answer, give yourself 1 point
For every “B” answer, give yourself 3 points
For every “C” answer, give yourself 6 points

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